Data Recovery Newcastle

  • Finding lost photos/files
  • Recover damaged hard drives
  • Recover files from External drives and USB sticks
  • Restore lost work documents

Tame IT Ltd are here to help. Our data recovery process may take a few days due to the nature of the work as it is a slow process.
It must be done methodically to have any hope of recovering files from dead or dying hard drives.
A great way to check if you have a damaged hard drive is to run a SMART test from Command Prompt in windows.

Search CMD

in the black command prompt window type:

wmic diskdrive get status

If you see anything other than ‘Status OK’ for one of your drives then we would suggest backing up your important files immediately to another drive. There is a good chance the drive will fail in the near future.

usb hard drive recovery lost files

For help recovering your files, call 078 8885 3490

We charge a standard price of £80 for all data recovery – regardless of the result.
This is because it takes a few days to run through a full recovery – we nearly always get some, if not all of your data back.