Data Recovery Newcastle

  • Lost the baby photos?
  • My Pictures no longer showing your photos?
  • My Documents files gone missing?
  • We can advise several cloud based backup solutions as well as suggesting tips to avoid losing files in the future.

So you don’t maintain your backups like that guy in the IT Department reminded you about, and your laptop has died….

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. It’s not the end of the world as here at Tame IT we can nearly always recover the data from a crashed laptop or PC or Mac, even USB memory sticks and external hard drives. Whether it has been dropped, spilt on, won’t load or if the data has simply been deleted. We can often recover lost and deleted files if you call us as soon as the issue happens.

Call early to avoid further damage to the data

data recovery call: 078 8885 3490

If there has been water damage or something spilt onto the laptop or desktop computer

  1. switch off at mains first – VERY IMPORTANT
  2. remove battery if possible
  3. call us straight away…

Our data recovery services cost a flat rate of £80 – this is due to the time it takes to run through the data recovery process. Leave it with us for a few days to allow the recovery process to complete uninterupted for the best chance of recovering the lost/deleted files.

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