I’ve been a big fan of the DIY Perks channel on YouTube and after I saw his most recent video where he creates such a cool custom case for his PC, I had to share it here too.

  • With custom cooling top and bottom for CPU and Graphics card.

  • Brand new 3D NAND SATA SSD M.2 storage solutions from Western Digital which I was particularly interested to see in action.

  • Wooden, yes wooden case – which may sound initially like a fire hazard, actually looks quite beautiful and is perfectly safe once you see how he’s put it all together.

  • Virtually silent design with huge heat sinks and fan-less power supply.

I think the reason I love his YouTube Channel is because of the blend of stylish yet functional design.

The clear and concise videos are easy to watch and very descriptive if you wanted to try the same projects yourself.

Most importantly is the fact he is not ashamed to show you how and where he went wrong is a huge plus in my eyes.

Any problems he came across during the builds are explained to help his viewers avoid the same mistakes should they choose to attempt one of his projects themselves.